Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Salty Nuts = high blood pressure

Black people already have high blood pressure. So lets stop adding to the condition. Brotha's soak your nuts! Since no scrotum clarifying shampoo and nut astringent products exist, your going to have to go the extra mile to keep your nut sacks clean.
I admit that when performing the art of fellatio that the nuts are often missed. I am trying to educate the ladies on that, will do so at a later time. But my theory on why we aren't putting a spit shine on the nut sacks is that them motha f**'s ain't grade A clean!
Brothas why don't you try some nut cleaning alternatives. How about getting a bath instead of a shower for a change. Soak your nuts in soap and water. How about trying a foam soap that gives a rich lather then let the nuts marinate in that soap for a minute. How about trimming your nut sack hair. Hairy nuts are never ok. How about getting a shower more than once a day, at least right before your boo thang comes over.
Brothas if you practice these hygiene suggestions, you can save a life. No one wants high blood pressure from sucking on salty nuts!