Friday, June 12, 2009

To Spit or to Swallow?

From Memoirs of Madame Fellatio
That is the question
Make your decision on who you are prior to sucking his dick. Are you a Spitter, a Swallower, or are you a That nigga ain’t gonna bust in my mouth type of girl? The definitions of these titles are self explanatory. Whatever you are don’t be hoodwinked into being something that you are not! If you are a That nigga ain’t gonna bust in my mouh type of girl, don’t let your cuddy buddy, your home girls, or whoever convince you to be a Swallower or vica versa. You are who you are!

Spitters. For some reason you have chosen to let a nigga bust in your mouth but you don’t want to swallow it. I never quite understood this. Your still tasting his “man juices”, it’s already in your mouth, why not swallow? No judgments here I am just asking. Moving right along. I am going to share with you some lady like techniques to handling his juices in your mouth.

Lets face it spitting isn’t lady like to begin with. So how to spit out his juices like a lady? For one don’t hawk a semen luggie back at that nigga! That lets him know you don’t like the way he tastes. Remember everything you do, you have to stroke his ego. So my recommendation…have a towel ready, turn your head and spit that shit out! (without noise of course). Or you can put your hand in a fist and remove, not spit, his juices from your mouth into your fist and go the restroom.

Swallowers. You believe in the philosophy you can’t get pregnant if he comes in my mouth. I see the logic. You are often viewed as the freaks so you have a reputation to uphold! You got to let him know your goal from the gate is to have him bust in your mouth and down your throat! This automatically turns him on!

That nigga ain’t gonna bust in my mouth girls. You have it made up in your mind that sperm in general is acid and you don’t want it near you. Well let me assure you sperm is not acid, but I can totally understand why you don’t necessarily want it in your mouth but lets try new things. Lets consider letting your boo come on your breasts, your ass, or more importantly, your face! Let him come on your face and when he does act like you were so aroused that you were going to come too lol!

Whoever you are the only way to truly give him the Ultra Head experience is to let him come on a body part, preferrably your face, and in your mouth regardless, if you are a Spitter or Swallower. I know the That nigga ain’g gonna bust in my mouth girls are disappointed, but maybe you aren’t ready to give him the true Ultra Head experience. If so, that’s fine, when your ready, you will know what to do.