Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Consequences of Getting Some Good Dick

Yaul saw the Whitney Houston special on Oprah. I have one question for Whitney...was the dick that good!? I have had some good dick and I hope all you ladies out there that have had some good dick will agree...AIN'T NO DICK IN THE WORLD STRONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO DO SOME CRACK. Lol. Whitney said it herself..."Crack is Wack".

In Whitney's defense Bobby Brown was the shit in the 90's I ain't gonna lie. Yaul remember how all the ladies wanted to have his nigga's baby cuz of his dance moves...pumping and thrusting in the air. All you ladies know Bobby was trying to show you what he was working with. We all knew he had some good dick! So many women wanted to have this nigga's baby, and so many women did!

I know women that Good Dick turned them from a "Phenomenal Woman" to a "stalking, calling all hours of the night, fighting baby's mamas, loosing your job from missing days at work trying find this nigga" type of a woman. If you are not a strong person...Good Dick will make you loose your mind! And if you don't know Jesus and have a good social network of girlfriends or gay friends...your ass will be just like Whitney!

You will be the one locked in a room free basing. Living with spray painted eyes on the walls, getting cussed out, publicly humiliated. You'll be the one threatened, slapped, lose your talent. You'll be the one spending all your money on that nigga and his hoes, get skinny as hell or fat as fuck from stress! And if he is a Good Dick Nigga that is a true ass hole you might just get spit on. (WTF? I wish a nigga would spit in my face in front of my kid! Bobby would have been on the floor trying to figure out that the fuck just happened. He's lucky all she did was bob him on the head and make nigga bleed.)

Moral of the story is ladies....learn from Whitney's mistake...Beware of the "Good Dick Nigga"!