Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sexing While on Your Period

This was a topic of discussion with my girls on who does and who doesn't fuck while bleeding. Personally I am oh so horny when I am on my cycle. I am a dick junkie when I am cycling. I just can't get enough of the dick. Depending on who my partner is, if he is down to fuck when my red river is flowing... shit I am down too. Its just wet to them until you turn on the light and the bed looks like a crime scene. LOL.

My girls think their pussy should be quarantined during "Aunt Flow's" visit. Their pussy is on lock down for 5-7 days. Why sex during your period? Because it feels good damit.

How to successfully get yours when you are on your cycle? It does take a little planning. First can't go sexing your dude if your cycle is flowing like Niagra Falls. If you want to fuck on a day when you wearing those 3 inch thick pads, now is not the time! If you fuck on a day like that...your bed will look worse then when Ricky got shot in "Boyz in the Hood."

You have to do it on a day when you aren't having a heavy flow. Put a towel down on the bed or where the action is going to take place. When you are done take a shower or wipe the pussy down with baby wipes. If you wear pads be sure to pull your panties down on the side of the bed and kick them under the bed so he doesn't see all that is going on. If you wear tampons pull it out and discretely wrap it up so it doesn't stain or is visible.

Finally climb on the dick and do your thing. If your a rookie then you probably think I'm nasty cuz you just don't know any better. You veterans...yaul know what I am talking bout.

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