Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking a Dump at Your Man's House

Ok ladies we have all kicked it at our man's house and then boomb! Out of nowhere we get the "bubble guts". You know what I am talking about. That rumbling in your stomach with the urgency to either pass or gas or worse you got to do number 2 maybe even a number 3. What do you do? Do you kiss your man goodbye and drive to the nearest restaurant? Or do you just say "Fuck it" and blow his bathroom up!

I think we all have been in this position a time or two. Personally...I'd rather shit in his toilet that shit on myself. My recommendation...Use the Flush as you go Dookey method. This method works.! The essence of your anals don't permiate the entire bathroom! Some other things you can do is...if there is a window open up the window before you let loose. Keep perfume in your purse and spray that when your done instead of toilet spray. If you use bathroom spray..that is a clear indicator that you was shitting in his house! And you don't want that!

The reason this is even an issue is that whether or not we want to admit it guys want to view you as sexy all the time. They want to be left wondering....does she even pass gas? Them knowing you got the dookies is anything but cute. But they can shit all up in your toilet though huh?



  1. If it was early in the relationship, I'd let him think that my girl is in an emergency and then I'd run to the closest restaurant to do my biz.

    If we'd be in our relationship for a while then I wouldn't care.

    Lastly, if he did the doo at my place first then I have the right to return the favor! LOL

  2. No... but I mean none of my relationships have warranted such trust! I like to keep up illusions that I'm sexy, so there is no pooping or farting. I've been in after dinner pain and have even tried, but my body has a mental block that won't allow my bowels to release in the vicinity of someone I am romantically interesting in.

    I love the idea about putting perfume in the purse and spray it in there b/c traditional air fresheners do put your mind in the dookey state. But I would use a perfume you never wear! Perfumes do not kill odor, just sorta covers it up so you have perfumey smelling crap, so I wouldn't want my signature scent associated with pooping. I would go to the mall, get a sample of the strongest perfume known to man and use that.