Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tasting the Forbidden Fruit

Yaul know what the hell I'm talking under aged youngings. First of all it ain't dating if you are a grown ass person dating a kid that's under 18. You are a child predator. Personally I don't see what the fascination is for dating a young girl. Yeah these little chicas are growing up faster and faster these days and they got more tits and ass than "Big Mama." But come on! They are immature and can provide no conversation. And lets face it most of their couchies smell like fish and yellow crayons!

I say its wrong. Furthermore if parents know their teens are dating a grown ass person..and dosen't do anything about it, they are an unfit parent and should be sodomized and raped in jail like their kids are being done. I hope they all catch a case! How can any grown ass man, fiddle and fondle some little semi-clean labias housed in hello kitty panties? And for you women doing can you fondle little semi-hairy nads that ain't even dropped yet?

I can't even do it! Wait till those little fast girls and little niggas get 18 before you shoot them the number and get them face down ass up! For real this shit gotta stop!

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