Monday, September 21, 2009

When the "X" Boyfriend Comes Back!

When you least expect it, after you have moved on from a love that hurt you....the "X-boyfriend" comes creeping back in your life. He tells you all the things you want to hear. He does all the right things and somewhere, somehow, you forgot about all the reasons you left his punk ass. The next thing you know you are face down sucking the dick that used to be yours.

Girlfriends...I promise you please listen to my words....that nigga is your "X" for a reason. As soon as you let him dust the cob webs off that pussy, that nigga will be right back to showing his natural ass! And the next thing you know you are back in an emotional rollercoaster, back into a whirlwhind of bullshit that you swore you would never get back into.

We've all heard the saying... if he was meant for you he will come back to you. I say fuck that shit! Remember all the hurtful things that he has done and stick to your original leave that nigga alone. See while you were apart he was thinking about you. Of course he was, your the bomb, and you probably treated him like the King he ain't! So he came back to see if he can get it back in the way he used to. Don't fall for the okey doke! You sent that nigga packing for a reason!

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  1. this is the truth. ex's always come back... i have instilled a two chance maximum after the second fuck up u got to go cant come back... number blocked and all...